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Through a contract review, you can avoid subsequent disputes, which often lead to lengthy lawsuits and litigation.

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What exactly does a notary contract check involve?

We check the notarial contract for content, comprehensibility and practicability. We show you pitfalls, risks and disadvantageous clauses and help you to optimally design the from your point of view.

Why should you have a real estate purchase contract professionally reviewed at all?

Real estate purchase agreements are complex entities. The risks are often not apparent at first glance. A professional review usually prevents unclear regulations and the associated long-term and expensive legal disputes between the contracting parties. A professional review of a real estate purchase contract regularly ensures that the process runs smoothly. Real estate professionals have been doing this for years. Therefore, we strongly recommend this procedure.

What is the function of a notary and what is the function of a lawyer?

The notary must consider the interests of both parties and point out possible problems. However, the notary is not obliged to present the individual risks of the individual contracting parties and to offer solutions for them. This task is taken over by a lawyer. He is a unilateral representative of interests and only advocates for you

Which clauses are particularly important in notary contracts?

In addition to the exact definition of the object of purchase, questions of warranty, withdrawal from the contract and compensation for damages. In particular, it is necessary to clarify how the parties can ​come apart again if one party does not adhere to what has been contractually agreed. And to avoid lengthy disputes in court, clear clauses in the contract are of great importance.

What mistakes are often made in real estate purchase contracts?

For laypersons, real estate purchase contracts are often written in "technical jargon". Many buyers and sellers have not really understood, what rights and obligations they have. This ambiguity leads to major disputes and possible litigation. In many cases, the parties do not even agree on what to do. happens if errors occur during the processing of the contract.

Who then has what rights and what obligations to fulfil? All this can be regulated within the framework of a good notary contract (and and specifically from the point of view of the party we represent).

If I have a notarial contract checked, what costs will I incure?

The fee for the review of such a notarial contract may depend on the value of the subject matter. Since these object values are usually quite high for real estate purchases, we offer billing on an hourly basis. This is fair for the client and also for the lawyer.

If you have any questions about this, we will be happy to make you an offer.

Your experts for notary contracts

With this website, we would like to explain why it is of great importance to have a real estate purchase contract checked by an experienced lawyer before signing it, in order to prevent later disputes and long lawsuits.

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